Life = Compromise

Recently, I had a big deadline, which I nearly missed, even after some long nights. They say a job will expand to fill the time allowed to it. I fall prey to this kind of thing all the time: getting caught up in the detail and missing the big picture – the thing’s got to get done!  In theory, if you set a task to a perfectionist, they will never complete it; it will take them forever. Since we humans are far from perfect, whatever we do will never be quite right. We’ll always miss the mark, even if it’s only by a whisker. So, to get anything done, we have to compromise:  take what we have been given, do with it what we can, in the time that we have available. And be done with it.

Spending too long editing this,


PS. That doesn’t mean that compromise is good enough; it just means that we offer something, where might offer nothing.